Keep $14.00 to $24.00 more of the BANK's FEE for EACH fast refund check or transfer you process.

More Profitable
Tax Preparation

Fast Refund Cost
($14.00 to $19.00 each)
* based on volume

Software Cost

Check Stock Cost
($13.45 shipping)
once yearly
regardless of volume


     current IRS EFIN
     commercial office

      computer & printer -
     i.e. laser or inkjet

  Internet Browser
      Chrome, Firefox, or
      another internet browser
      (Chrome for check printing)

       Low or High Speed

  Tax Filing Software
       Your Choice!



Refund Anticipation Loan ( RAL )
Electronic Refund Check ( ERC or RAC )

We provide the tax preparation industry with processing of Preferred Electronic Refund Checks (PERCs, ERCs, or RACs) and Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs, ERTs or PERTs).

These are often referred to as one week checks because tax refunds typically arrive Wednesday if the ERO meets IRS filing drain time of the previous week.

Preferred Electronic Refund Check

Your taxpayer's refund is deposited to a special use account when it comes (usually in about 1 1/2 weeks). Your fees are applied to the deposit. You can print a check for the Taxpayer. You can also print your fee check (or have your fees electronically deposited to your account.)

Preferred Electronic Refund Transfer

Your taxpayer's refund is deposited to a special use account. Fees are applied. Then the balance is deposited to the taxpayer's existing bank account. You can print a fee check or have the fees electronically deposited to your account.

Because of their higher cost to taxpayers, we chose not to offer loan products such as RALs. We recognized however that some taxpayers preferred Refund Anticipation Loans.

We believe in a free market. So, even before the demise of RALs, we have never objected to EROs' use of competitors' products such as RALs or RACs for some of their customers - and our products for other customers.

Reasons to Use PPS LLC
for Fast Refund Processing.

  • EROs like yourself tell us that they find providing PERCs through us to be much more profitible than selling other companies' bank products.

    • As a result, locations tend to shift a large part of their business to us.

    • REMINDER: We do not process RAL funds but have never objected to locations offering RALs through our competitors.

  • We don't practice cross fiduciary institution collection. So, taxpayers need not fear that our company will collect funds to pay a RAL the taxpayer may owe elsewhere.

  • RALS tend to be more troublesome than PERCs.

  • Consumer protection groups have aggressively campaigned against RALs and as a result the IRS has been against them. UPDATE: As a result of regulation, RALs became extinct in 2012.

  • For taxpayers (in addition to locations), PERCs and PERTs are much more economical than RALs.

  • Because of our processing approach and lower prices, locations taking advantage of our services have the ability to make more in fees without increasing prices to the taxpayer.

  • Alternately, part or all of the savings can be passed on to the consumer providing a competitive advantage.

    ** These savings, provide you more control over the destiny of your business. **

 We offer you a way to increase profit.

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